Starting an alcohol brand can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding – both in terms of seeing new customers enjoy your creation, and financially. However, there are always obstacles to be overcome first.

Many of your new potential customers will already have certain brands which are familiar to them. If your product is relatively different or novel, you may need to pique someone’s curiosity enough for them to give your option a go.

In other words, figuring out how to start an alcohol brand in South Africa is one thing, you then also need to make sure as many people as possible hear about your product and are excited to try it.

This is where alcohol promotion companies like MegaWorxx shine! 

Our role is crafting and delivering exciting marketing and activation events that create a genuine buzz around your product and help you rack up those all-important early fans and loyal supporters.

Whether you’re launching a new bar, beer, liquor, or energy drink brand, MegaWorxx will help you make a splash!

What is a brand activation plan?

Brand activation or marketing activation essentially means making people aware of your product. It’s important to consider the tastes of your specific target audience and the current market when deciding on the best way to do this.

In our experience, the best alcohol activations combine the following key ingredients:

  • The right time: Once-off events or ongoing promotional endeavours like signage or in-store marketing collateral need to be visible when people are most likely to see them.
  • The right place: Attracting as many eyes and ears as possible within your target market is vital.
  • Feedback and flexibility: To make a lasting connection with potential customers, you need to be open to adjusting your strategy using real world data and feedback from prospects.
  • Impossible to ignore: Modern consumers are bombarded with marketing messages all the time. To make a great first impression, you need to do something different, exciting, and inviting.

As one of South Africa’s most experienced alcohol promotion agencies, MegaWorxx has the experience and industry knowledge to get this cocktail just right. We use a variety of proven tactics to ensure your alcohol brand gets the attention and market traction it deserves.

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How do I promote my liquor brand?

Depending on the nature of your alcohol product and target market, we generally find a combination of the following to be the most effective ways to promote your brand and create awareness:

Brand ambassadors

Using brand ambassadors is a great way to create that all-important human connection with your potential customers. Our well-trained and highly approachable ambassadors put a friendly face to your product, engage with customers directly, and can answer questions and give out free samples. (Everyone loves a free sample!)

Brand activation events

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, activation and marketing events take your product to them! In the case of alcohol brands, these events often take place at large liquor stores, at liquor expos and trade shows, or at suitable outdoor events where the sale of these products is permitted.

In-store and POS marketing materials

As fun as events are, they only run for a limited time. This is where in-store marketing collateral and advertising displays can keep the ball rolling. For example, a colourful eye-catching display on the shelf where your product is sold, or at the checkout till can encourage impulse purchases and boost brand awareness.

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Outdoor advertising

A great way to expand your reach even further is with our innovative branded trucks and branded containers. These take your message out into the big wide world, where much larger audiences can be reached.

Of course, the best alcohol activations combine several of these tactics. By carefully analysing your target market demographics, locations, preferences, and spending habits, we will help you put together a killer campaign that generates ongoing excitement and turns prospects into loyal customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get around alcohol brand activations in South Africa:

What is an example of brand activation?

Anything which allows potential customers to interact with your brand can be considered an activation. Some examples of brand activations include having a stand at a trade show or exhibition, placing brand ambassadors in a retail setting, or showcasing your product through POS marketing installations, displays, and collateral.

How do you attract customers to a liquor store?

Our best advice for liquor stores looking to attract more customers would be to tap into the desires of your local target market. This could be through special promotions, loyalty programs, or partnering with suppliers to sponsor special events, and expanding your marketing reach outside of your actual store with physical advertising and through digital campaigns.

How do you promote liquor?

Most of the really successful alcohol brand activations make customers feel that they are part of a select, special group. In other words, they tap into consumers’ desire for ‘social climbing’. That’s why we often use strategies which associate your brand with luxury in our alcohol activation campaigns.

Benefits of partnering with MegaWorxx for your liquor brand activation

We are proud to be recognised as one of South Africa’s premier alcohol promotion agencies, and have gained great industry knowledge and experience as a result.

Liquor brand activations are one of our specialities, and we can confidently assist with all of the following:

  • General alcohol activations, both for brand-new and established businesses
  • Beer, ale, and lager activations
  • Bar and nightclub activation
  • Energy and sports drink activation

And unlike other alcohol promotion companies, we don’t rely on just one marketing technique to get your message across. We go to your customers wherever they are, and find new and exciting ways to get the public interested in your specific offering.

If you’d like to get your alcohol brand noticed in a big way, then talk to MegaWorxx today!

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