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The concept of virtual events (and the many potential benefits that come with them) has been around for some time. The Covid-19 crisis, however, has now made embracing virtual conferencing and meetings absolutely critical.

Aside from allowing us to connect and engage without the need for physical contact, online events come with many other advantages:

Virtual events allow you to interact with guests and conduct your day to day business safely, securely and remotely – and MegaWorxx is the online events company to make that happen!

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What are virtual events?

The MegaWorxx virtual events platform is a bespoke portal that you can use to create your very own personalised virtual event, expo or conference to wow your digital guests! We have a range of themes to choose from to suit your brand image and the nature of your event. 

Once live, your guests can use your customised virtual conference platform to find all the event info they need, and attend the event, meeting, or virtual team building session when the time comes. Some of the elements you could incorporate include a video message from your CEO, downloadable resources, info packs or PDFs, a session with an acclaimed speaker, and even virtual chat groups. The sky’s the limit!

Whether you’re hosting a small online conference or an extensive virtual expo, our team will be with you every step of the way – helping you create an unforgettable digital experience! MegaWorxx is a virtual events agency located in South Africa with a diverse portfolio and experience across a broad range of industries.

Virtual events benefit your business. Here’s how:

Here are just some of the many benefits that come with taking your events virtual!

Types of virtual events our platform supports

Whether it’s an intimate meeting, a company-wide event or a massive public expo, we pride ourselves on being able to take any real-world event into the digital realm! Some examples include…

  • Corporate meetings
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Virtual expos
  • Seminars
  • Virtual team building activities
  • Brainstorming workshops
  • Training sessions and more

We can also assist with virtual event marketing to ensure your online gathering is a roaring success!

Planning tips for virtual events in South Africa

The team of experts at MegaWorxx will be by your side every step of the way to help you plan the perfect virtual event! Here are some tips we offer our clients to help them get started with the planning process:

The type, function and length of your event will determine the best choice of virtual platform to use. For example, conferences, training and exhibitions will work better on a longer format platform that allows users the freedom to come and go, and interact with virtual stands in their own time from home. This is especially important considering that most people now have more things to juggle including their home life and work life.

‘Live events’ with a shorter time frame of a few hours or less (such as company or client meetings) tend to work better on live webcam platforms such as ZOOM. Virtual meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams and REMO are also great for incorporating networking sessions, speakers and live entertainment feeds.

What makes MegaWorxx the best virtual events company in South Africa

Unlike other virtual events companies, we’re able to offer a full turnkey solution – from hosting webcam platforms such as ZOOM, to building a full virtual exhibition platform on TF Virtual in consultation with you. MegaWorxx also has access to some of South Africa’s finest live feed studios using the latest in Green Screen technology!

We can also ensure that you secure the best bands, performers and speakers in any format that suits your needs. From live in-studio performances, to pre-recorded ‘as live’ videos incorporating SA’s best talent from anywhere in the country, virtual events in South Africa just got a whole lot more exciting.

Ready to experience all that our virtual conferencing service has to offer your brand? Contact us today and a member of our team will get back to you soon!

Virtual Event FAQs

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from some of our clients. Whether you’re in need of video conferencing tips or virtual team building ideas – read on to find out more!

We’ve set up some handy questionnaires that will guide you towards the right platform, and help you visualise the perfect setup for your virtual event. Once you’ve completed this questionnaire, we’ll be able to issue a quote and make sure that you have all the details you need for this new and evolving virtual eventing world! Get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

No, not all. In fact, some platforms work extremely well integrated with one another. If you use an exhibition platform such as TF Virtual, for example, you could schedule a live Teams or Zoom call for a live announcement on a specific date. This works particularly well for competitions, annual results, or a message from your CEO.

Absolutely. On the TF Virtual platform we have the capability to embed a series of codes into the training videos ensuring that your staff or delegates watch the full video, and then answer three simple questions afterwards to confirm that they have completed the required task. This then satisfies guidelines for CPD accreditation.

We know doing your team building activities online might sound tricky at first, but with a little creativity these can actually work really well! Keeping things light is always a good idea, so online team building games like quizzes, especially if they’re built around questions about your coworkers, are one easy option.

If you’d like something more elaborate, MegaWorxx can help you create shared virtual experiences like scavenger hunts or even game show formats to bring your team together. Even simple digital team building sessions like a pet show and tell or a virtual happy hour can do the trick!

One of the great advantages of virtual events is that your guests can use whatever device is most convenient for them – anything from PC’s and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Do keep in mind though that when using a smartphone your screen is smaller, and therefore images can be harder to view.

Yes! Hybrid events work really well if you still want that in-person feel from a live studio or venue. This type of event can be done very successfully using a platform such as REMO. Speak to us about your needs as we have a good understanding of which venues are currently offering this in South Africa.

This depends primarily on your event type, length, and objectives. There are so many choices now, so make sure you choose the platform that delivers your objective clearly and with the best overall outcome first. You can then choose the best format and function from there. If you’re in any doubt, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.

Virtual events are here to stay! The world is changing and we need to adapt to it now. Virtual events save time and money, and allow you to connect with far more people from every corner of the globe.

Your eventing options just got a whole lot bigger… but also a whole lot more accessible. And remember that when you partner with MegaWorxx, you also gain access to the finest speakers and performers South Africa has to offer, in far more cost effective ways than ever before.

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