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Quality POS Collateral Installation Ensures Positive Client Experiences

We make sure everything goes according to plan, so you enjoy the sales figures you’re after.

What is POS Collateral and what do you need to consider?

A Turnkey Solution for Your Brand

Get the ROI You Deserve

POS Collateral Installations that Tick All the Boxes

  • Multi-channel installations.
  • Onsite or offsite installations—what does your brand need?
  • Quick setup so you never have to lose out on sales.
  • You enjoy a return on investment from the get-go.
  • We assist with compliance and audits.
  • POS collateral installation service available in all SA provinces.

POS Marketing Collateral Management  & Instore Installation

Installation teams are readily available nationally to ensure efficiency in merchandising and POS collateral management across South Africa to support better planning and execution, with the ability to scale up and down in response to campaign requirements and installation timeframes.

Installation- Benefits  

  • Reduction of non-compliance & POS wastage.
  • Speed to Market (1000 stores per week).
  • Relationship management with stakeholders.
  • Management on site.
  • Detailed  Reporting.
  • Partnerships for Success.
  • Blitz Teams- POS Collateral Installation, Maintenance & de-installation.
  • Almost immediate Return on Investments -Speed of Execution.
  • Leading Retail Solutions Brilliantly Executed.
  • Secure Storage of all POS Marketing Collateral.

Installation- Cost Drivers

  • Time in Branch- This is worked out from the time we step into the store until the moment we leave the back door. This will  entail meeting the manager, explaining the purpose of the visit, negotiating space allocation, actual installation, reporting  requirements and final sign off by Store Manager or representative.
  • Installation Complexity- What is actually required to ensure a successful installation?
  • Tool Requirements, Area of placement, Electrical connectivity, drilling etc..
  • Number of Elements – What are we installing and the quantities of each element. Is it on one or more areas of placement around the store?
  • Geographical Location of Outlets- Local versus outlying. Installation compliance rate varies between the two locations as we need to take travel and sleep outs into consideration.
  • Installation Timeframe- Ideal situation would be a week ( 5 working days to activate in 800 outlets) The shorter the time frame, the more expensive the travel cost would be. Routes will need to be duplicated with extra heads.
  • Installation Timing- Store operating times versus actual installation timings. When can we install? Certain outlets will only allow external teams during a specific timeframe.
  • Reporting content -Number of photos and volume of data required.

Skilled, Dedicated Teams Provide the Support You Need

When it comes to your money and sales, we make sure there’s no room for error. Your POS collateral installation will take place without a glitch, thanks to the well-trained installers that form part of the MegaWorxx team. You’ll get a dedicated team for your project, providing you with assistance and advice whenever you need it. 

Easy Distribution Anywhere

Our experience in the market has helped us build a network of resources and partners. We know who we can trust in the industry. This enables us to distribute and offer quality POS Collateral Installations in Johannesburg but also across South Africa. 

The Megaworxx Way Brings Peace of Mind to You

We understand your need to stay in control of anything related to your sales. For this reason, we prioritize transparency, we can offer immediate communication on any non-compliance issue, and we help you limit wastage. 

Let’s get your POS collateral installation started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Does Megaworxx have a national footprint?
  • Yes, we do. We have a national team that is capable to execute across South Africa within the shortest lead times
Can Megaworxx assist with creative and design of POS elements?
  • Yes, we can. We have a dedicated, experienced team who constantly share best practice advice to all our clients.
  • We know what works in your space and we have saved many clients unnecessary production and design cost.
What is your distribution capability?
  • Our 3rd party distribution partners provide us with discounted rates. The savings are then passed onto our clients.
  • Therefore, we have national distribution capability with preferred rates and turnaround times
What are the turnaround times for POS installations?
  • Megaworxx has the capability to flex up and down depending on project scope and client’s installation requirements.
  • We can execute up to 800 stores within 5 working days. However, this can be increased to execute much more to meet the client’s deadline


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