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In-store merchandising is a retail practice that includes display setups, shelving layouts, and spaces for both displaying/selling products in retail stores.

As the name suggests, general merchandising differs from in-store merchandising by the fact that the latter refers to product merchandising in-stores. A range of business strategies encourage customers to buy products/items in the retail store. The strategies include everything from initial planning, promotion, and marketing, to the final step.

To ensure good in-store merchandising support, it’s important for businesses to select the best in-store merchandising companies. The staff and manager should be professional, with years of experience in the domain.

Megaworxx is a leading brand activations and bespoke eventing agency that helps with in-store merchandising. We offer services for all occasions, whether it’s peak periods, product launches, festive seasons, or promotional support.

Our uniform and qualified staff are trained/vetted to execute the services. They are briefed about client specifications, plus our staff is regularly monitored and managed. These things are done to ensure our client’s aims and objectives are met, no matter what.


You can contact us to learn more about our service and how we can assist your business. We’re ready to help in Johannesburg and across the country.

How Our In-store Merchandising Support Can Help You?

Megaworxx offers the best in-store merchandising services in a hassle-free manner. We cover all the events starting from Easter to Black Fridays, so companies can avail the best benefits. Not just that, we also covers other essentials like multi-channel placements, contracts, and HR engagements.

You can get other facilities like planograms from our staff to ensure the best services. All you need to do is share all the details with us, and the planograms will become a part of the training. In fact, planograms will be included in your in-store pack, so you can get the best services.

Another benefit of availing services from Megaworxx is that we have a national footprint. This means there is a full-fledged national team that can offer in-store merchandising services across South Africa, ensuring projects can be handled in the shortest lead time.

Being one of the best store merchandising companies, we pride ourselves in offering a standard of excellence throughout all services. Our company has impacted several brands, including Samsung, MTN and more!

Megaworxx also offers the best retail merchandising support associate. Our support includes the following responsibilities

● To ensure that the products are displayed in the right store at the right time and in quantities.

● Work closely with teams and accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and check out the performance.

● Ensure and maintain a comprehensive library of relevant data.

● Forecast profit/sales and amend sales volume, and profitability of the product areas

● Offer proficiency in planning budgets and presenting sales forecasts/figures for new ranges.

● Go through and analyze all the best-selling products and related details like price points, styles, and colors.

● Ensure awareness of competitor performance and monitor the products that are slow sellers

● Take action to modify prices and set promotions when required.

● Get information about the customers’ reaction to the best-sellers and other products.

● Analyze the sales for last season and present the report for the current season for financial presentations

To sum up, our in-store merchandiser associate will take care of the front-end operations of the store. They will organise the merchandise and maintain a clean environment. Lastly, they will also be responsible for interacting with customers on a daily basis and answering their inquiries/related things.

Let Us Support You With Your Retail Merchandising

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You can contact us to learn more about our service and how we can assist your business. We’re ready to help in Johannesburg and across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

  • Yes, all staff are trained and vetted.
  • Staff are also briefed and trained according to each client’s brief
  • Supervisors also monitor and manage staff on a daily basis to ensure client’s objectives are met

Yes. They do. All merchandisers are dressed in white shirts / top with Black pants or skirts

Yes, they can. Once the client shares this with us; it will form part of training and will be included in their instore pack.

Yes, we do. We have a national team that is capable to execute across South Africa within the shortest lead times

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