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5 Tips For Successful Brand Activation

Answer this question honestly: how well is your brand REALLY doing?

In a harsh economic climate, we can’t blame any business owner that’s battling to achieve high sales figures. But don’t be too easy on yourself either. You may be surprised how a marketing tool like brand activations can make a difference, even in current conditions.

What Exactly is Brand Activation in the 2021 Context?

Your brand may have been active for years and you’re doing regular advertising. So ‘activation’ doesn’t apply to you, right? Wrong!

Brand activations will see you launch strategic campaigns to get your brand noticed among the marketing clutter common to any industry. It’s a more focused process than general marketing, meant to kickstart a brand’s noticeability.

This is often planned around new products or when a company rebrands, to make sure the changes are noted in the market. However, it can be used at any stage to make your brand see more traction from your target market.

In many cases such a campaign has customers enjoy experiences to make an impact, rather than simply communicating facts to them in a one-way conversation.

How Brand Activation is Your #1 Marketing Communication Tool

Yes, you’re going to aim to have your audience undergo an experience. But it’s all part of communicating. Here are practical ways of brand activation used as a marketing communication tool.

Address Problems

When you talk about how you’re solving problems your audience has with the brand, you’re attending to their needs. And meeting real needs is the foundation of good marketing.

Be interactive by having Q&A sessions online or at trade shows.

Show New Features

You need to get the word out about the new features – the new reasons why you’re worthy of customers’ attention. Share it in a non-boring way like catchy videos or VR tours.

Partner with Others

People may not believe you when you say you’re the best, but they may believe other established brands’ opinions. Launch marketing campaigns with a well-known brand that’s related to your industry but not a direct competitor. This is indirectly communicating to your audience that you deserve the same level of respect.

Hire an Influencer

Want to stand out? Then you DO need to consider modern marketing methods and these days influencer marketing is all the rage, for a good reason. Get a famous person or a well-known expert to talk about you and the mass of social media-loving customers may turn up at your door.

Have an In-Store Experience or Offer Samples

As stated, experiences are better than talking about it. So, let your products speak on your behalf by offering samples. With today’s tech, this doesn’t have to be a costly procedure because sampling machines can do it for you, rather than hiring extra staff.

Even just creating an experience in-store, such as having a competition sponsored by your brand will create an event worth remembering. So, next time your audience is looking for something from your niche, they’ll remember where they last saw it (experienced it) and head back to that outlet.


Pick one method or include multiple tactics over a period to activate people’s knowledge and understanding of your brand. Done right, brand activation could bring you the bottom line you’ve been hoping for.

Written by Tyrell
Tyrell, an accomplished marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, is the driving force behind the business development for Megaworxx, a leading marketing agency. With a strong background that spans from entry-level brand ambassador to executive business development manager, Tyrell brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the table.
Tyrell’s primary focus is on sourcing new business opportunities and showcasing MegaWorxx’ s exceptional return on investment (ROI) and excellence in BTL marketing campaigns. Passionate about brand building and bridging the gap between customers and the brand, Tyrell creates engaging content that facilitates meaningful engagements.