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How Experiential Marketing Can Be Used to Build Brands

Experiential marketing

What do you think when the popup ad blocks the text you’re reading on a website? Ugh! Not again! 

Here’s the unfortunate truth: it’s probably how many people feel about your marketing too. Unless you’re catching attention with something different than the usual flyer, Facebook post or even email campaign, your advertisements are being ignored…skimmed through at best. 

People being inundated with information is part of the reason for this. And it’s why smart marketers are turning to experiential marketing. Here’s how it can help your brand too. 

Show Your True Colours

Words are just hear-say. Even if it comes from the source itself. Consumers want action, not words. Therefore, they won’t believe you’re passionate about a cause until you show it in practice.

For example, part of your brand’s value system may be to uplift the community and you’ll state it on your website. But until you host that first fundraiser for the dog shelter or local school, they won’t believe you’re really committed to making a difference. 

Through experiential marketing, you should make sure locals cake take part in the project you’re launching. Their experiences of what your brand stands for will prove it to them and help them remember your values. And because customers often support brands with similar values to themselves, this is a valuable goal to reach. 

From a different perspective, experiencing the brand itself, for example allowing customers to taste a new product in-store, will mean a few individuals in your audience now know all about the product. Now, they can talk to others about their firsthand experience. This is more believable to your audience than many other marketing methods.

Connect with Emotions

When someone takes part in one of these experiences, they will feel emotions. It could be as simple as enjoying the taste of your product during an in-store sampling—and of course the fun of getting something for free. This enjoyment brings the emotion of happiness and experts know that emotions and the subconscious are the reasons for many decisions

Another benefit is that emotions can be remembered. This means your product and brand can become more memorable as long as the experience left a powerful positive message. 

Loyal Followers

Apart from that first step as a customer, a positive experience can cement someone as a return customer. They’re more likely to become followers and make future purchases based on experiencing your brand or the product, rather than reading about it in a magazine. 

Get Talked About

One way these followers will help you is by talking about you on social media. This is marketing with all the right features:

  • Word of mouth is free
  • It’s more likely to be believed because the information doesn’t come from you
  • It can easily be shared—without any effort from you.


With experiential marketing, your brand can potentially be the talk of the town and be remembered by anyone thinking of your niche. All it requires is the right experience. Which one will you create?

Written by Tyrell
Tyrell, an accomplished marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, is the driving force behind the business development for Megaworxx, a leading marketing agency. With a strong background that spans from entry-level brand ambassador to executive business development manager, Tyrell brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the table.
Tyrell’s primary focus is on sourcing new business opportunities and showcasing MegaWorxx’ s exceptional return on investment (ROI) and excellence in BTL marketing campaigns. Passionate about brand building and bridging the gap between customers and the brand, Tyrell creates engaging content that facilitates meaningful engagements.